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Working away from the office, whether its work-from-home due to lockdown, a remote office, or traveling - planning makes all the difference to efficency, productivity and security.

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AtomGate / SonicWall Remote Work

The impact of COVID-19 on the world will not be fully understood for a long while. What we do know is that the way many businesses operate will be changed forever.

The idea of remote workforce has been discussed for a long time and with the forced lock down, many businesses have had to quickly adopt and set up structures in an attempt to keep operating as best as possible. While the way this was ‘forced’ on us is most certainly not ideal, it has highlighted the fact that there is a huge opportunity for a Remote Workforce.

As with any change, understanding the landscape is critical and now is the best time to assess and implement changes that will benefit your business.

Cyber criminals understand that there will be a plethora of new devices and people connecting remotely, most of which have limited knowledge on the potential risk to their business. The landscape is changing, and these opportunistic Hackers will be looking at every opportunity possible to capitalise on your security shortfall.

SonicWall and AtomGate have been working with a full set of Remote Workforce tools for some time and have in-depth knowledge on how to set up systems that offer the best protection while enabling your workforce to connect with ease.

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