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Scary Internet Facts
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“That’s not my child!”

Unfortunately, protecting your child from exposure to pornography can be difficult. We are engaged in a battle for the hearts and minds of the next generation.
Technology is changing rapidly, and living with Internet access on iPads and smart phones brings new opportunities and challenges. So what steps can parents take to help their kids appropriately engage the World Wide Web and social media?

School Protection

Information Technology is defining how education is and will be delivered. Preventing access or distribution of inappropriate content is vital. Security issues require real-time protection by a centralized, consolidated infrastructure.

Safe Internet For Schools
Safe Internet For Home

Home Protection

Make sure your children are safe. Porn is only a click away.
You can’t undo what their eyes have seen.

Extra Info

Dedicated firewall solutions, such as Dell SonicWALL, offer a more complete solution to Internet access management.  That said, there are many other options available that could potentially fit your needs.

More reading on this can be found all over from concerned parents and communities.

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